The Making of the Short Film Stray

One of my favorite aspects about film-making is that the process can take you to locations you never would have gone otherwise. For instance, in our film we wanted to capture a remote location far from human contact. Luckily we found an excellent location called Arabia Mountain, not to far from Atlanta and we decided to shoot there. After many hours more of adding sound design and voice over, we are quite proud of the result.

A few words from the director:

“I had for a long time been trying to push some quite dogmatic scripts – or maybe that might be an over-extension of the word dogmatic. Essentially I had a few ideas to interesting points of conflict that involved some kind of indescribable phenomenons or characters; this included a short film/mockumentary idea revolving around this guy who acquires some sense of accomplishment and joy by the very act of walking through a door frame. Any who! Most of these ideas seemed a bit too far down the ridicules-aisle for it to be taken serious, so eventually I worked out a script that seemed to revolve around an inexplicable phenomenon that caused a big conflict to the protagonist, thus requiring a proper resolution. But hey! I don’t want to glorify the act of working out an idea and a script – it was just the product of consciously tuning my mind into idea-generation every once in a while and then reviewing and developing upon the good ideas. Looking back at the project, I wish we had had more time or resources so that we could have shot more of the scenes from the screenplay – maybe we should re-shoot it someday?”

– Thomas Bjarke Heiberg-Iürgensen, Director of Stray

Here are behind the scenes photographs.


A projection of a student’s struggle to overcome a problem he can’t control.

Film festivals:

International Film Festival Youth MEKNES 2015, Morocco

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